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The Vinalia Wine Club

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Our flagship offering. A wine club membership designed for the intrepid explorer and tastemaker, or anyone looking to drink some delicious wine. With each shipment, you will discover unique wines with incredible stories. Prepare to delight in Georgian Saperavi, an ancient red grape varietal from an ancient winemaking region, or North Macedonian Temjanika, one of the oldest grape varietals whose name originates from its distinct thyme aroma.

Your wine journey includes:

  • Four bottles of exclusive red, white, and rosé wines, sourced across continents
  • Stories and tales from the regions and producers behind the bottles
  • Notes and local cuisine pairings to transport you to distant destinations
  • Access to exclusive events hosted for members of the Vinalia Club
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The Vinalia Wine Club


When do wine club shipments get sent out?

When you order! We want to make sure you can enjoy Vinalia right away which is why we send out shipments on a rolling basis.

Does the one-month prepaid wine club subscription auto-renew?

Nope - that’s what makes it the perfect gift to give to a friend, colleague, or loved one.

How often will I receive wine?

Once a month. Each month, you will receive 4 different wines - a mix of red and white - however you are always able to purchase additional bottles on an ad-hoc basis.

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Michael Campbell
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Finally, a wine subscription that tastes great!

I love how Vinalia sends interesting wines at a reasonable price that are different than the standard stuff at every store and actually taste great! We love the variety and there haven’t been any misses yet!

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