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We believe in celebrating all of the wine world, not just the Burgundy's and Barolo's. At Vinalia, we offer you a gateway to the unexplored flavors and cultural narratives within the vastly diverse world of wine, all with a dedication to underrepresented voices and sustainable practices.

Are you ready for your next great wine adventure?

There are 10,000 grape varieties in the world. Over 50% of planted vineyards are dedicated to just 33. Let's meet the other 9,967.

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Our founders have purposely designed these collections to de-stress the wine buying experience and ultimately empower you to start your own wine adventure.

  • Staff Picks

    Collections designed to introduce you to the diverse & expansive Vinalia portfolio

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    Wines to accompany you during the everyday or when celebrating something special

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    Curated wine journeys to explore the lesser known parts of the wine world

The Vinalia Difference

  • Consciously Curated

    We travel the world to uncover not only exceptional producers, but stewards of tradition. As such, our wines showcase lesser-known indigenous grape varietals and are truly representative of a place’s terroir.

  • Experiential Tastings

    We believe that wine is more than a drink, it’s an experience. That's why when you drink a bottle of Vinalia, you are brought to the shores of Crete, to the mountains of Slovenia, and to countless other far off destinations.

  • Burgeoning Confidence

    Wine is our passion, but we know it can be intimidating. We are committed to making you a more confident drinker, which is why we provide you with a range of styles so that you can better hone your palate.