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Vinalia x Cave Spring Riesling

Canada, 2020
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For those seeking an exceptional representation of the Beamsville Bench region, this Cave Spring Riesling is a true testament to its origin. Meticulously cultivated in the fertile clay-loam soils of the Niagara Escarpment, this wine embodies the region's microclimate, shaped by the cooling influence of Lake Ontario. The Riesling grape flourishes under these ideal conditions, resulting in a wine that authentically reflects the unique terroir. As you pour, take note of the light golden hue and the notes of citrus, pear, and river rocks. On the palate, anticipate a harmonious interplay laser-like minerality and beaming acidity. With elegant balance, this Riesling offers an experience reminiscent of a tranquil stroll through the vineyards, serving as a reminder of the synergy between climate, soil, and viticultural. 


GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Riesling (rees-ling
REGION: Beamsville Bench VQA, Niagara Peninsula, Canada
DRINK IF YOU LIKE: Grüner Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc, other dry Rieslings
ALCOHOL: 12.5%

With laser-like precision and luminous, beaming acidity, this Riesling from Cave Spring is the quintessential expression of Canada’s Niagara Peninsula. Notes of citrus oil, frozen pear, and rounded river rocks encapsulate the wine’s crystalline purity. At once light and refreshing, while also concentrated and complex, the wine’s brightness and great length make this a Riesling for all seasons.

Sashimi, fresh vegetables, poutine, fried foods, butter tarts, Pad Thai, happy hours, the start to a great night

Cave Spring Vineyard, a pioneer in the wine industry, has spent over four decades honing its reputation for creating wines that truly capture the essence of their vineyards. With a commitment to sustainability and strict industry standards, Cave Spring Vineyard has distinguished itself as a producer of high-quality wines. Led by Len Pennachetti, the co-founder of Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA), Cave Spring has played a crucial role in establishing Niagara Peninsula as a recognized wine region.

Vinalia x Cave Spring Riesling

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