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With a concentration and complexity hailing from the more than 80-year-old vines that yield this Mencía, the wine seduces with fragrant aromas of dried rose and tarragon. Full without ever feeling heavy, the wine’s soft, caressing tannins add body to its more delicate flavors of fresh strawberry and raspberry. The perfect red for the changing of the seasons that can be enjoyed with a gentle chill, or not—whatever you prefer.

Patatas bravas, Spanish tortilla, grilled mushrooms, burgers, jamón ibérico, cheese and charcuterie boards, tapas parties, autumn vibes

With an unwavering commitment to winemaking, the Merayo family proudly holds deep-rooted connections in the world of wine. For years, they have served as the proprietors of one of the region's most distinguished wineries, Bodegas Merayo (which ceased operations around 1989). However, in the late 1980s, Pedro Merayo deliberately chose to temporarily step away from winemaking. Instead, he directed his efforts towards nurturing and preserving the family vineyards. In response to the changing times of the late 1990s, characterized by the establishment of new wineries and the modernization of existing ones to meet the demands of the global market, the family made a resolute decision to reclaim their roots. In 2010, Pedro Merayo founded Bodegas y Viñedos Merayos and resumed winemaking at the winery situated on their ancestral estate, marking the culmination of two decades dedicated to the recovery and maintenance of his vineyards.

Vinalia x Merayo, Mencía
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