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Vinalia x Domaine Poiron-Dabin, Les Clefs du Secret

France, 2020
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GRAPE VARIETY: 54% Berligou, 19% Grolleau Noir, 19% Cot de Loire (Malbec), 8% Cabernet Franc
REGION: Val de Loire IGP, France
DRINK IF YOU LIKE: Cabernet Franc, Chinon, Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, Chianti
ALCOHOL: 12.5%

Special Serving Instructions: Trying drinking this Parisian bistro-style and serve with a chill! This light-bodied blend is the perfect warm weather red, and can actually be quite refreshing after some time in the fridge. If that’s not your speed, don’t worry – it’s also excellent at normal cellar temperature!

A quintessential summertime wine, this is the rare red that with a little bit of a chill can help cool you off in the warmer months. Fresh raspberry and red currant flavors mix with violet and earthier tones. And while the smallest part of the blend, the Cabernet Franc packs a punch with its signature white pepper notes.

Steak frites, anything with goat cheese, croque madame, light pastas, poultry, bistro tables, al fresco dinners, dreams of Paris

With nearly two centuries of winegrowing under their belt, the Poiron-Dabin family’s roots in the Loire Valley run deep. The family’s history as vignerons is documented as early as 1858, though it remains likely that their experience in the area extends back further. The modern winery traces its origins to the marriage of Jean Poiron to Thérèse Dabin in 1962. The couple later purchased the Domaine de Chantegrolle in 1990 and relocated operations to their newly acquired facility. It was around this time that their sons, Jean-Michel and Laurent, joined the family business. Jean and Thérèse each retired around the turn of the millennium, passing the baton to the two brothers, who continue to steward the estate today.

Vinalia x Domaine Poiron-Dabin, Les Clefs du Secret

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