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Vinalia x Tenuta Viglione, Susumaniello

Italy, 2021
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Indulge in the delightful experience of a jammy lip smacker, delicately infused with a kiss of sweetness derived from a rare Southern Italian grape. Crafted with care by an organic, family-run winery nestled in the picturesque "heel" of Italy's boot, this wine encapsulates the essence of traditional winemaking. Whether you're hosting summer barbeques or enjoying a comforting bowl of spaghetti, this wine proves to be the perfect companion, adding a touch of elegance and flavor to your gatherings and meals.

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Susumaniello (soo-soo-mahn-ee-yellow)
REGION: Puglia, Italy
DRINK IF YOU LIKE: Zinfandel, Amarone, Côtes du Rhône
ALCOHOL: 14.5%

A rich, juicy wine that tastes of sun-soaked raisins and roasted plums. Hearty, rustic, and palate-coating, this Susumaniello carries notes of raspberry liqueur, wilted basil, rosemary, blackberry jam, and vanilla bean. A kiss of sweetness brings you straight to the shining summer days of Southern Italy.

Spaghetti all’Assassina, burgers, grilled meats, roasted vegetables, summer barbeques, and always good times with great friends.

Founded in 1937, Tenuta Viglione remains a family-owned operation, run by Giovanni Zullo and his offspring. Nested on some of the highest altitude terroirs in Puglia’s Gioia del Colle region, Viglione’s vineyard are certified organic and devoted to the area’s native and signiature grape varieties, among them Primitivo, Susumaniello, Negroamaro, and Verdeca. Their work has been awarded Gambero Rosso’s prestigious Tre Bicchieri prize.

Vinalia x Tenuta Viglione, Susumaniello

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