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In the Seaside Summer curated collection box, you will receive the following wines:

Vinalia x Minos, Vidiano '21
Vinalia x Tenuta Viglione, Verdeca '21
Vinalia x Bisquertt, Moscatel '23
Vinalia x Bosinakis, Moschofilero Rosé '22
Vinalia x Domaine Poiron-Dabin, Berligou '19
Vinalia x Tóth Ferenc, Leányka '22

The 12-pack includes 2 bottles of each wine listed. The 4-pack includes the first four wines listed.

Collection Size:

  • 4-Bottle: Flat $25
  • 6- & 12-Bottle: Free Shipping

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Seaside Summer
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Collection Size
  • Collection Size: 4 Bottles

Meet The Wines

  • Vinalia x Bosinakis,
    Moschofilero Rosé

    Greece, 2022

    A rare pink expression of Moschofilero, this wine combines the seductive jasmine and white rose floral aromatics signature of the grape variety with the crushed, cold strawberry and raspberry flavors enjoyed of dry rosé. Complex and flamboyantly flavorful, the wine delivers that snappy, salty finish that makes it the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer day.

  • Vinalia x Tenuta Viglione, Verdeca

    Italy, 2021

    At first smell, this Verdeca transports you immediately to Southern Italy with its intoxicating aroma of gentle lemon blossoms, dried wild herbs, and the Adriatic breeze. Riper orchard and stone fruits—pear, white peach, honeydew—meet a kiss of salty sea spray that brings the wine to a refreshing finish.

  • Vinalia x Domaine Poiron-Dabin, Berligou

    France, 2019

    Richer in tannin and fuller in spice and earth tones than one might expect from other clones of Pinot Noir, this Berligou immediately demonstrates its royal pedigree with an intricate mélange of fresh, violet pastille, and forest floor notes that evoke the crunch of fallen leaves. Complex and long, yet elegant and deceptively inviting, this Berligou is as refreshing in the summer as it is comforting underneath a blanket, curled up against the fire.

  • Vinalia x Bisquertt, Moscatel

    Chile, 2023

    Exuberant and expressive, this Moscatel displays the grape variety’s signature flamboyance, paired with a purity of fruit that is so quintessentially Chilean. The wine opens with an intoxicating boisterous amalgam of floral aromas—white rose, orange blossom, jasmine. It’s equally bold on the palate, with fleshy flavors of grapefruit oil, starfruit, and kiwi, coupled with muskier spice market notes.

  • Vinalia x Minos, Vidiano

    Greece, 2022

    Laden with luscious fruit flavors—pear, yellow apple, apricot, pineapple—this Vidiano captures the Cretan sun in its exuberant ripeness. Held together with a broad, flowing fresh acidity, and complicated with its notes of wet rocks and wilted garden herbs, this wine beckons for a plate of food to match its gastronomic profile.

  • Vinalia x Tóth Ferenc, Leányka

    Hungary, 2022

    Harvested from 40-year-old vines, this Leányka demonstrates the gentle charm of this unique Hungarian grape variety. Soft acacia and lemon blossom aromas give way to fleshier notes of pear and white peach on the palate. Long and dry, the wine is both refreshing and satisfying, finding complexity in its subtly herbaceous pine sap and dried lavender tones.

Beyond the Box


Discover our collection of producer profiles and get acquainted with the talented artisans behind our exceptional wines. Delve into the rich tapestry of indigenous grape varieties they passionately cultivate, explore the diverse regions where these wines are born, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of wine.


    Founded in 1937, Tenuta Viglione remains a family-owned operation, run by Giovanni Zullo and his offspring. Nested on some of the highest altitude terroirs in Puglia’s Gioia del Colle region, Viglione’s vineyard are certified organic and devoted to the area’s native and signiature grape varieties, among them Primitivo, Susumaniello, Negroamaro, and Verdeca. Their work has been awarded Gambero Rosso’s prestigious Tre Bicchieri prize.


    Regarded as one of the very finest interpreters of Moschofilero in the whole of Greece, Bosinakis has been a family affair since its inception in 1992. The new generation took over in 2009, when brother-sister team Sotiris and Katerina Bosinakis took the reins of the winery. Among their contributions was a renewed and passionate focus on quality. The siblings will also gleefully share a vertical of Moschofilero going back several years, showing that contrary to certain assumptions, Moschofilero has the structure and complexity to age with grace.


    With nearly two centuries of winegrowing under their belt, the Poiron-Dabin family’s roots in the Loire Valley run deep. The family’s history as vignerons is documented as early as 1858, though it remains likely that their experience in the area extends back further. The modern winery traces its origins to the marriage of Jean Poiron to Thérèse Dabin in 1962. Jean and Thérèse each retired around the turn of the millennium, passing the baton to their two sons, who continue to steward the estate today.


    Established in 1978 by the visionary duo of Osvaldo Bisquertt and Soledad Urrutia, Bisquertt Winery stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication and pioneering spirit. The pair's invaluable contributions to the now-renowned Colchagua Valley, particularly their groundbreaking efforts in the Marchigüe
    subzone, have forever etched their names in the annals of wine history. The Bisquertt family lives the ethos of stewardship, earning the prestigious sustainability credential from the Wines of Chile organization. Their holistic approach encompasses everything from managing wastewater and reducing carbon footprint to fostering fair labor practices and community development.


    Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2023, Tóth Ferenc Winery is a testament to the unwavering passion and dedication of its founders, Tóth Ferenc (affectionately known as Uncle Feri) and his wife. Their journey from ordinary jobs to esteemed winegrowers began in the early 80s, culminating in the establishment of the Áfrika Vineyard. Feri stood at the forefront in the 2000s, advocating for the cultivation of rare grape varieties like Kadarka and Leányka in the Eger region. The next generation, represented by Ferenc’s daughter Katalin and son-in-law Zoltán, joined hands in 2005, helping to extend the winery’s cave system, modernize the tasting room, and increase vineyard holdings in Eger’s prime sites.


    For over a century, the Miliarakis family has played a central role in the Cretan wine industry. Starting in the mid-1800s, their ancestor Antonis Miliarakis operated an inn in Peza, which later transformed into a winery as winemaking gained prominence in the region. In 1932, the family formalized their enterprise by founding Minos, Peza's first contemporary winery. Today, the third and fourth generations, including Takis Miliarakis and Maria and Nikos Miliarakis, continue the family's legacy, focusing on indigenous Cretan grape varieties and spearheading innovations in winemaking. Nikos Miliarakis also serves as the President of the Wines of Crete organization, working to promote Cretan wines globally.