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In the Apero Hour curated collection box, you will receive the following wines:

Vinalia x Stobi, Temjanika '21
Vinalia x Fausti, Falerio Pecorino '22
Vinalia x Ronco delle Betulle, Friulano '21
Vinalia x Domaine Poiron-Dabin, Les Clefs '20
Vinalia x Bisquertt, Carignan '22
Vinalia x Merayo, Godello '22

The 12-pack includes 2 bottles of each wine listed. The 4-pack includes the first four wines listed.

Collection Size:

  • 4-Bottle: Flat $25
  • 6- & 12-Bottle: Free Shipping

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Collection Size
  • Collection Size: 4 Bottles

Meet The Wines

  • Vinalia x Stobi, Temjanika

    North Macedonia, 2021

    An exuberant, boisterous white wine that is as refreshing as it is joyful. Intoxicatingly floral, the Temjanika’s white rose and jasmine aromas extend to the palate, where they’re met by flavors of white peach and nectarine. A salty bite to the finish makes this the perfect white wine for the warmer months.

  • Vinalia x Fausti, Falerio Pecorino

    Italy, 2022

    This Falerio Pecorino delivers everything there is to love about Italian white wine: mouthwatering freshness, persistent acidity, and the gentlest nibble of bitterness on the finish that adds to the wine’s complexity. Tasting of lemon tarts, ripe green apples, sea salt, and wet stones, the wine is long and refreshing, but also bodied and ageworthy.

  • Vinalia x Ronco delle Betulle, Friulano

    Italy, 2021

    This Friulano is en route to being an orange wine, but is refreshing and gently enough so that it isn’t quite. A few days of skin contact gives the wine a subtle waxy texture, complemented by flavors of green apple skin, pear, quince, and fresh grass. Watch as this wine transforms in the glass over the course of the evening as it enjoys some air.

  • Vinalia x Domaine Poiron-Dabin, Les Clefs du Secret

    France, 2020

    A quintessential summertime wine, this is the rare red that with a little bit of a chill can help cool you off in the warmer months. Fresh raspberry and red currant flavors mix with violet and earthier tones. And while the smallest part of the blend, the Cabernet Franc packs a punch with its signature white pepper notes.

  • Vinalia x Merayo,

    Spain, 2022

    Tactile and savory, this Godello from the prestigious Bierzo region demonstrates the tremendous complexity of the best Spanish white wines. With a soft beeswax texture and gripping mineral character, the wine enjoys fuller-bodied notes of ripe pear, honeydew, citrus oil, and green apple skin. Ample and long finished, the wine continues to evolve in the glass and demonstrates the ability to age with grace.

  • Vinalia x Bisquertt, Carignan

    Chile, 2022

    With a concentration that can be attributed to the gnarly vines, averaging over 70 years in age, from which this Carignan is harvested, the wine exemplifies the majesty of Chile’s old vineyards. Spicy and crunchy in its woodsy, autumnal flavors and its rustic tannins, the Carignan shows a second side in its youthful and pure berry notes—cranberry, raspberry, and red currant. That surprising juxtaposition evokes the wine’s complexity and mouthwatering appeal.

Beyond the Box


Discover our collection of producer profiles and get acquainted with the talented artisans behind our exceptional wines. Delve into the rich tapestry of indigenous grape varieties they passionately cultivate, explore the diverse regions where these wines are born, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of wine.


    Founded in 2009 in North Macedonia’s acclaimed Tikveš wine region, Stobi Winery is among the country’s finest modern wine producers. Today, Stobi Winery continues its dedication to local winemaking traditions, with over half of red plantings across its sprawling 500 hectares of vineyard dedicated to Vranec, the North Macedonian specialty. Among the most globally decorated wineries in North Macedonia, with recognition from Decanter and Mundus Vini, Stobi is a benchmark for both Tikveš and the region at large.


    Founded in 1967 by Giovanbattista Adami, Ronco delle Betulle continues in family hands. First passed onto his daughter Ivana in the 1980s, Ivana is today joined by her son, winemaker Simone Sechi. Located in the Rosazzo subzone of Friuli Colli Orientali, Ronco delle Betulle’s 12 hectares are farmed certified organic. Ivana and Simone focus on native grape varieties, including Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, Refosco and the hyperlocal rarity Pignolo.


    In 1997, Cristina Fausti's dream of an organic, modern winery alongside her family’s Marche vineyard gave birth to Fausti. With winemaker Domenico D’Angelo sharing her reverence for the land, they founded the venture. Fausti's home in Fermo, rich with viticultural history, features vineyards beside a medievaltower adorned with the Matteucci family’s coat of arms—a nod to local grape-growing's heritage. Guided by principles of harmony, biodiversity, and
    nature's influence, Cristina and Domenico continue crafting wines that echo the region's story.


    With nearly two centuries of winegrowing under their belt, the Poiron-Dabin family’s roots in the Loire Valley run deep. The family’s history as vignerons is documented as early as 1858, though it remains likely that their experience in the area extends back further. The modern winery traces its origins to the marriage of Jean Poiron to Thérèse Dabin in 1962. Jean and Thérèse each retired around the turn of the millennium, passing the baton to their two sons, who continue to steward the estate today.


    Established in 1978 by the visionary duo of Osvaldo Bisquertt and Soledad Urrutia, Bisquertt Winery stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication and pioneering spirit. The pair's invaluable contributions to the now-renowned Colchagua Valley, particularly their groundbreaking efforts in the Marchigüe subzone, have forever etched their names in the annals of wine history. The Bisquertt family lives the ethos of stewardship, earning the prestigious sustainability credential from the Wines of Chile organization. Their holistic approach encompasses everything from managing wastewater and reducing carbon footprint to fostering fair labor practices and community development.


    With an unwavering commitment to winemaking, the Merayo family proudly holds deep-rooted connections in the world of wine. They served as proprietors of Bodegas Merayo, one of the region's most distinguished wineries until 1989. In response to the changing times of the late 1990s, the family made a resolute decision to reclaim their roots. In 2010, Pedro Merayo founded Bodegas y Viñedos Merayos and resumed winemaking on their ancestral estate, marking the culmination of two decades dedicated to the recovery and maintenance of his vineyards.