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Backroads of Italy

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Prepare to embrace the true breadth and depth of the Italian winescape with our Backroads of Italy curated collection, a testament to the vast diversity of the Italian wine scene. With over 2,000 grape varieties calling Italy their home, this wine box takes you off the beaten path, introducing you to a world of lesser-known wines that are every bit as extraordinary as their mainstream counterparts.

In this collection, you'll get the opportunity to try Ribolla Gialla, an excellent example of how extended skin contact during fermentation can transform the character of a white wine. If you're a fan of Zinfandel, make sure to try the Susumaniello. This Puglian grape variety, whose name translates to "little donkey" in reference to the abundant yield these vines produce, offers a rich, full-bodied taste that pairs excellent with tomato sauces.

The Backroads of Italy collection extends beyond the grapes themselves, offering you a glimpse into often overlooked Italian wine regions. From the warm, sun-kissed vineyards of Puglia in the South, the rolling hills of Le Marche in the center, to the frost-kissed grapevines of Friuli Colli Orientali in the North—each region adds its own distinctive story and heritage to each bottle in this collection.

This collection truly takes you on an exploration of the wine roads less travelled in Italy, demonstrating that exceptional quality can indeed be found anywhere.

Collection Size

In the Backroads of Italy curated collection box, you will receive the following wines:

Vinalia x Ronco delle Betulle, Friulano '21
Vinalia x Tenuta Viglione, Susumaniello '21
Vinalia x Fausti, Falerio Pecorino '22
Vinalia x Fausti, Rosso Piceno '20
Vinalia x Ronco delle Betulle, Ribolla Gialla '21
Vinalia x Tenuta Viglione, Verdeca '21

The 12-pack includes 2 bottles of each wine listed. The 4-pack includes the first four wines listed.

Collection Size:

  • 4-Bottle: Flat $25
  • 6- & 12-Bottle: Free Shipping

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Meet The Wines

  • Vinalia x Tenuta Viglione, Verdeca

    Italy, 2021

    At first smell, this Verdeca transports you immediately to Southern Italy with its intoxicating aroma of gentle lemon blossoms, dried wild herbs, and the Adriatic breeze. Riper orchard and stone fruits—pear, white peach, honeydew—meet a kiss of salty sea spray that brings the wine to a refreshing finish.

  • Vinalia x Ronco delle Betulle, Friulano

    Italy, 2021

    This Friulano is en route to being an orange wine, but is refreshing and gently enough so that it isn’t quite. A few days of skin contact gives the wine a subtle waxy texture, complemented by flavors of green apple skin, pear, quince, and fresh grass. Watch as this wine transforms in the glass over the course of the evening as it enjoys some air.

  • Vinalia x Ronco delle Betulle, Ribolla Gialla

    Italy, 2021

    This is basically a baby orange wine—a gateway for newbies to the category, or a softer take for amber enthusiasts. A few days of maceration gives the wine a bit more texture and complexity, but it remains approachable and explosively juicy. This Ribolla Gialla tastes of ripe orchard fruits—yellow apple skin, pear tarte tatin, cantaloupe—alongside more herbaceous flavors of chamomile, sweet sage, and pressed mint. You might call it a white for red drinkers.

  • Vinalia x Fausti, Falerio Pecorino

    Italy, 2022

    This Falerio Pecorino delivers everything there is to love about Italian white wine: mouthwatering freshness, persistent acidity, and the gentlest nibble of bitterness on the finish that adds to the wine’s complexity. Tasting of lemon tarts, ripe green apples, sea salt, and wet stones, the wine is long and refreshing, but also bodied and ageworthy.

  • Vinalia x Fausti, Rosso Piceno

    Italy, 2020

    The quintessential pizza wine, this Montepulciano tastes of fresh Bing
    cherries and red plums, along with a more rustic earthiness—dried oregano, underbrush, and subtle cured meat flavor from the Syrah. Charming and medium-bodied, the wine is approachable, but also features a sandy tannic grip that gives it length and ageability.

  • Vinalia x Tenuta Viglione, Susumaniello

    Italy, 2021

    A rich, juicy wine that tastes of sun-soaked raisins and roasted plums. Hearty, rustic, and palate-coating, this Susumaniello carries notes of raspberry liqueur, wilted basil, rosemary, blackberry jam, and vanilla bean. A kiss of sweetness brings you straight to the shining summer days of Southern Italy.

Beyond the Box


Discover our collection of producer profiles and get acquainted with the talented artisans behind our exceptional wines. Delve into the rich tapestry of indigenous grape varieties they passionately cultivate, explore the diverse regions where these wines are born, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of wine.


    Founded in 1937, Tenuta Viglione remains a family-owned operation, run by Giovanni Zullo and his offspring. Nested on some of the highest altitude terroirs in Puglia’s Gioia del Colle region, Viglione’s vineyard are certified organic and devoted to the area’s native and signiature grape varieties, among them Primitivo, Susumaniello, Negroamaro, and Verdeca. Their work has been awarded Gambero Rosso’s prestigious Tre Bicchieri prize.


    Founded in 1967 by Giovanbattista Adami, Ronco delle Betulle continues in family hands. First passed onto his daughter Ivana in the 1980s, Ivana is today joined by her son, winemaker Simone Sechi. Located in the Rosazzo subzone of Friuli Colli Orientali, Ronco delle Betulle’s 12 hectares are farmed certified organic. Ivana and Simone focus on native grape varieties, including Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, Refosco and the hyperlocal rarity Pignolo.


    In 1997, Cristina Fausti's dream of an organic, modern winery alongside her family’s Marche vineyard gave birth to Fausti. With winemaker Domenico D’Angelo sharing her reverence for the land, they founded the venture. Fausti's home in Fermo, rich with viticultural history, features vineyards beside a medievaltower adorned with the Matteucci family’s coat of arms—a nod to local grape-growing's heritage. Guided by principles of harmony, biodiversity, and
    nature's influence, Cristina and Domenico continue crafting wines that echo the region's story.