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In the The Americas curated collection box, you will receive the following wines:

Vinalia x Augusta, Norton '19
Vinalia x Cave Spring, Riesling '20
Vinalia x Cave Spring, Cabernet Franc '21
Vinalia x Bisquertt, País '22
Vinalia x Bisquertt, Carignan '22
Vinalia x Bisquertt, Moscatel '23

The 12-pack includes 2 bottles of each wine listed. The 4-pack includes the first four wines listed.

Collection Size:

  • 4-Bottle: Flat $25
  • 6- & 12-Bottle: Free Shipping

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Collection Size
  • Collection Size: 4 Bottles

Meet The Wines

  • Vinalia x Cave Spring, Cabernet Franc

    Canada, 2021

    The wine illicits all the classic earthy and floral Cabernet Franc notes—crushed violets, cracked pepper, tobacco leaf—punctuated by generous raspberry and black plum flavors. Framed by suave, velvety tannins and elongated with a bright, dark-fruited acidity, the wine demonstrates length and ageworthiness.

  • Vinalia x Cave Spring, Riesling

    Canada, 2020

    With laser-like precision and luminous, beaming acidity, this Riesling from Cave Spring is the quintessential expression of Canada’s Niagara Peninsula. Notes of citrus oil, frozen pear, and rounded river rocks encapsulate the wine’s crystalline purity. At once light and refreshing, while also concentrated and complex, the wine’s brightness and great length make this a Riesling for all seasons.

  • Vinalia x Augsta, Norton

    USA, 2019

    Richly succulent, this Norton exudes all the satisfying spice and fruit tones that make this grape such a beloved American standard. Black cherry compote, raspberry coulis, briar patch, and wilted herbs—the wine is both youthful and complexly layered. A joy to drink today, this Norton can also age several years.

  • Vinalia x Bisquertt, Moscatel

    Chile, 2023

    Exuberant and expressive, this Moscatel displays the grape variety’s signature flamboyance, paired with a purity of fruit that is so quintessentially Chilean. The wine opens with an intoxicating boisterous amalgam of floral aromas—white rose, orange blossom, jasmine. It’s equally bold on the palate, with fleshy flavors of grapefruit oil, starfruit, and kiwi, coupled with muskier spice market notes.

  • Vinalia x Bisquertt, Carignan

    Chile, 2022

    With a concentration that can be attributed to the gnarly vines, averaging over 70 years in age, from which this Carignan is harvested, the wine exemplifies the majesty of Chile’s old vineyards. Spicy and crunchy in its woodsy, autumnal flavors and its rustic tannins, the Carignan shows a second side in its youthful and pure berry notes—cranberry, raspberry, and red currant. That surprising juxtaposition evokes the wine’s complexity and mouthwatering appeal.

  • Vinalia x Bisquertt, País

    Chile, 2022

    A País of complexity and exuberant character, the wine demonstrates the unparalleled rewards yielded from old vines—with those contributing to this País often exceeding 100 years in age. Boisterous, crunchy flavors of cranberry, passionfruit, hibiscus, and black tea give way to a more savory, herbaceous finish. This light-bodied red carries the ability to refresh, the punchiness to excite, and the nuance to drive contemplation.

Beyond the Box


Discover our collection of producer profiles and get acquainted with the talented artisans behind our exceptional wines. Delve into the rich tapestry of indigenous grape varieties they passionately cultivate, explore the diverse regions where these wines are born, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of wine.


    Cave Spring Vineyard, a pioneer in the wine industry, has spent over four decades honing its reputation for creating wines that truly capture the essence of their vineyards. With a commitment to sustainability and strict industry standards, Cave Spring Vineyard has distinguished itself as a producer of high-quality wines. Led by Len Pennachetti, the co-founder of Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA), Cave Spring has played a crucial role in establishing Niagara Peninsula as a recognized wine region.


    Established in 1978 by the visionary duo of Osvaldo Bisquertt and Soledad Urrutia, Bisquertt Winery stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication and pioneering spirit. The pair's invaluable contributions to the now-renowned Colchagua Valley, particularly their groundbreaking efforts in the Marchigüe
    subzone, have forever etched their names in the annals of wine history. The Bisquertt family lives the ethos of stewardship, earning the prestigious sustainability credential from the Wines of Chile organization. Their holistic approach encompasses everything from managing wastewater and reducing carbon footprint to fostering fair labor practices and community development.


    When Tony Kooyumjian founded Augusta Winery in 1988, he had a vision to revitalize the region that gives name to the winery, and the broader Missouri wine industry, to the glories it once exhibited in the 19th century. Always remembering Missouri’s indelible mark on the wine history of the United States, Kooyumjian set out to demonstrate the power of Augusta’s terroir. Augusta continues to demonstrate the tremendous quality potential of hybrid grape varieties, for in addition to its cherished and multi-award winning Norton, Augusta also cultivates Chambourcin, Chardonel, Vidal Blanc, Traminette, and Vignoles and ferments them into both contemporary and historic wine styles.